From Humble Beginnings to a Life of Abundance and Joy

I came from humble beginnings. I worked in the kitchen of my immigrant parents' restaurant since I was 5 years old. I understood life struggles from that early age--what it's like to work so hard and to earn so little. I held so much fear...so much self judgement and worried about what others thought of me. Much of this was passed down from my grandmother to my mother, and my mother to me. I wondered whether I would ever be good enough. I wanted to get out of this stuckness and fit in...belong...be accepted.

I decided early on that I was going to overcome these struggles even though I didn't know how. Then I discovered that all I had to do was go within.

I worked in private business and the public sector. There's been a common thread throughout my life...a passion for helping others through their life struggles because I knew what it was like to struggle.  I also have the ability to help you see beyond those struggles and reach your greatest potential.  The difference now is I have more tools under my belt to help others more effectively. I have manifested everything I've ever wanted in my life--ease, grace, health, more than enough wealth, and a peaceful, happy, and loving life--and I still continue to manifest the kind of abundance I want.

This is why I am so passionate about what I do...I help people like you to release your baggage, your limitations, your childhood fears, the suffering of your parents and those before them--whatever is holding you back, so you can live a more peaceful life...one where you have clarity instead of questioning yourself at every turn...one where you have the energy to truly nourish yourself instead of temporarily running away from it all for a breather...imagine a life that's full of what you want instead of others telling you what’s good for you.

If you want clarity and need self nourishment, take a stand for yourself. Email me at Kat@kgmawakening.com or give me a call at (209) 470-4884 and we can talk more.

Katherine “Kat” Gong Meissner
Owner and Founder of KGM Awakening