Heal the Anger, Shame and Pain You’ve Been Carrying Since Childhood

Learn to Surround Yourself with Relationships and a Lifestyle that Nurtures You and Feeds Your Spirit

Kat designed this program and the retreats to help you release the fears, hurts and pain you’ve been carrying since childhood. They’ve limited your life and your abundance so far.
It’s time to say STOP!
And this program and the retreats help you do just that.

How Your Program Unfolds - 3 Segments

You meet with Kat for an individual guided meditation session usually once a week.  Each session is designed around what you need in the moment. Each session, you’ll get written homework assignments to take you deeper into your healing. All the sessions are recorded so you can listen as often as you want.

Segment 1  - Getting to the Root

The name says it all. Kat focuses on getting to the root of your issues that caused you pain, deep hurts, and suffering when you were a child. Sometimes, these root causes are passed down from your parents and from their parents to other words, they're generational. Other times, the issues are caused by incidents outside the home.
In this segment you gain understanding and begin to release these traumas.

...Anxiety was taking over my life and I had no clue how to deal with it. Kat’s healing sessions have helped me pin point the reasons for these feelings and have helped me realize that I know longer need to carry them with me in my life. I feel more confident and am learning to love myself. With every session, I feel like a huge weight is lifted off my shoulders. Kat truly has a beautiful gift and I am so happy she is guiding me on this life changing journey.
— Submitted by Amy Cope

Segment 2 -  Awareness

Here Kat identifies habits and reactions you may not even be aware of consciously.  However, you developed those habits and reactions from those childhood traumas that still affect you today...they show up in the decisions you make or the actions you take in your everyday life.  Life is full of triggers that take you back to those childhood traumas.

Once you gain awareness of your reactions and triggers, you begin to change your reactions.

I knew I had a few hang-ups, idiosyncrasies and insecurities from my upbringing…what I didn’t realize, however, was how it was affecting my everyday life and decision making. Over the period of just a few months I was able to discover the root causes of my hang-ups, etc. and healed them through Kat’s sessions. Her program has truly been full of healing experiences, and as a result I have been able to let go of many long held insecurities and hang-ups allowing me to be happier and more at ease with others, myself, and life in general. I did not realize how great the “new” normal could be...
— Name withheld per client’s request

Segment 3 - The Magic Happens Here

This is truly where the magic happens because you changed your released those old healed those old fears.  

It’s here you realize you are no longer limited by those same childhood traumas.  You see your self worth and your value. You can create the kind of abundance you want in your life.

I had a 2-year wrist injury, and ligament and tendon damage from a dislocated ankle and all of a sudden they’re spontaneously healed. My overall wellness has improved. Not only did I receive these physical healing gifts, there’s more. People everywhere are treating me extra special with lots of love and respect. I keep receiving so many gifts and kindness from strangers. I have my own business and more clients and money are flowing in. The other interesting fact is my husband and I have become closer. He has always been very appreciative and he has become even more appreciative of me... gift after gift keeps coming... I am so thankful. Kat has changed my life to be more bountiful in every way. She is a true healer.
— Suzanne Amsbaugh Aziz

Round Out Your Program with 1.5 Day Healing Retreats (optional)

From time-to-time, Kat brings together individual participants in a community where we support one another on our journeys.

We meet in one of Kat’s homes in Carmel or Oxnard.

The first half day is spent getting to know one another while walking on the beach.  The next day Kat guides you in healing meditations.  Equally as important to healing is eating all organic, healthy snacks and meals with our community and everything is prepared on the premises.

The atmosphere is relaxed. There is no judgement here...only love and support for one another.

In my first retreat with Kat, I went into a dreamlike state though still very conscious.  Waves of energy flowed through my body and... for the first time was able to confront my anger... I understood where my anger came from and that my life  had been following a script written by that anger. I realized that there was no need to keep following the anger – I could write any ending I wanted. So I said goodbye to the anger. After the retreat, I can say I am at peace.  The pain in my knees is gone and the leg pain is reduced. More importantly I have a better understanding about my life…
— Name withheld per client request



If you’d like more information about this program and retreats, email Kat at or call her at (209) 470-4884. (Pacific Standard Time).